Long Covid Clinic

It is becoming clear that no two recoveries from COVID-19 are the same. In response, we have developed our Long Covid Clinic to offer a personalised therapeutic programme, with the aim of helping patients to understand their symptoms, improve their exercise tolerance, strength, balance and confidence and promote optimum recovery.
No one knows why most people recover fully within two to three weeks and others experience symptoms for weeks or months. An early analysis by the United Kingdom's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) suggests that ongoing long COVID symptoms may be due to four syndromes:

  • Permanent damage to the Lungs and Heart
  • Post-Intensive Care Syndrome
  • Post-viral fatigue, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)
  • Continuing COVID-19 symptoms 

The Long Covid Clinic at The Riverside Clinic is an expert one-stop service, in line with an agreed national specification, to provide joined up care for physical and mental health, with patients having access to:

  • A physical assessment including diagnostic testing to identify any potential chronic health issues
  • A cognitive assessment to address any potential memory, attention, and concentration problems
  • A psychological assessment to address potentially significant contributing issues 
  • A personalised rehabilitation plan to build towards recovery

The Riverside Clinic has created a comprehensive package for self-pay patients, designed and tailored to support you at every stage of your recovery from Covid-19. We are also recognised by all major UK insurance providers. If you have private medical insurance, it is very likely your insurance provider will contribute to your potential treatment plan.
Please note, this service is not for those who have tested positive for Covid-19 or who are currently showing symptoms.

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